Antillean Group
Grenada's only Life and General Insurance Company
(473) 440-2444
Young Street St.George's, Grenada, Grenada
(473) 440-2802

Chester House, Young Street

St. George’s, Grenada

(473) 440-2444


Grenville Office

Location:   Gladstone Road, Grenville, St. Andrew, Grenada
Open: Monday to Friday
Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Phone: 1 (473) 442-4013
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We want your visit to be as pleasant as possible. We’ve designed our Grenville  office to be both convenient and efficient.  Our office is customer friendly, including knowledgeable staff..

That’s what customer service is all about. It should make you feel good when you visit an Antillean Group location. We’ll look for the best way to do things

Grenville Office