Antillean Group
Grenada's only Life and General Insurance Company
(473) 440-2444
Young Street St.George's, Grenada, Grenada
(473) 440-2802

Chester House, Young Street

St. George’s, Grenada

(473) 440-2444


Special Contact Information

WhatsApp: (473) 535-0590


Mobile Numbers

(473) 405-7555

Operations Manager

Mr. Phillip Gittens
(473) 535-0590

In Case of an Accident

In case of an accident we kindly ask that you do the following:

  1. Call the Police
  2. Take photos (or a video) of the accident scene, vehicles involved, damages sustained, Driver’s License of both Driver’s involved and certificates of insurance of vehicle involved.
  3. All of the above (2) along with a statement of how the accident occurred should be emailed to

Your statement MUST include place and time of accident, vehicle make and number, direction travelling of both parties, name and contact of drivers and passengers.

Antillean General Insurance Co. Ltd. is committed to the well being of ALL.

In keeping with the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Regulations, Update, customers are informed that coverage will be extended during COVID-19 Mandatory curfew.

We can facilitate premium payments through Online Banking and Direct Deposits at the following financial institutions:

  • Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited.
    Account #: 12002230
  • Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited.
    Account #: 113000887

All payments must include:

  • Insured’s Name
  • Policy number or Policy Type (i.e Motor or Property)
  • Both Debit and Credit Cards are accepted.
    • When making your payment, having the following information  could be helpful:
      • .Card holder’s name
      • Card #
      • Expiry date

Email a copy of the transaction to or WhatsApp# 535-0590.